lifestyle–   Using supplements and dairy products with phytosterols (plant based estrogens)
–   Avoidance of excessive saturated fat and trans fat/refined carbohydrates-sugars
–   Regular use of coenzyme Q10, which has the ability to increase aerobic energy production of myocardium, along with magnesium, acting as a mild anti-arrhythmic agent
–   Use hepatoprotective supplements (Liv 52, silimarin-milk thisle, glutathione, N-Acetyl cysteine)
–   Daily intake of Omega 369 fatty acids, niacin (B3), lecithin, for better atheromatic profile
–   Consumption of antioxidants during PCT
–   Use of statins after PCT is through, if necessary.
Note that statins are hepatoxic, diabetogenic and lower Q10 of heart muscle
–   Use of salicylic acid-aspirin, through the whole course of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) cycle; preferable with breakfast, not post workout

–   Proper hydration (3lt/day, in order urine color to be as clear as possible) and avoidance of diuretics, that force kidneys to overload
–   Use of ascorbate-vitamin C during winter, when there is susceptibility to viral infections
–   Avoidance of alcohol and hepatotoxic painkillers (paracetamol), non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

– Moderate dosages and avoidance of excessive stacking; not abused over eight weeks.
– Preference in prescribed pharmaceuticals and afterwards in legit-reliable underground drugs.
– Never combine two or more 17 alkylates orals, along with alcohol, paracetamol and NSAIDs. Preferably take them sublingually.
– While on using steroids, avoid trans fat and fried food, in order to avoid further dislipidemia.
– Avoid table salt, in order to prevent further increase in blood pressure.
– Never combine stanozolol with accutane. Both are liver toxic and dry synovial cavities, making joints to ache.
– Quit smoking while on steroids cycle, in order to prevent coagulopathy and thromboembolism.

–   Daily cardiorespiratory aerobic physical activity
–   For acne spots on the back, shoulders and face local use of azelaic acid cream and antibiotic clindamycin lotion.
Hygiene rules with antibacterial soap, while disinfection with pure alcohol 95’ is particularly effective.
Also use of ultraviolet radiation is quite effective against sebum production.

In professional bodybuilding there is a certain plan-strategy of cycling.
So the professional athletes follow two main directions.
The first one, during off season period, is the use of the three main anabolic hormones (testosterone, somatotropin, insulin) in moderate doses.
Afterwards, when they are about to start their preconstest preparation, they increase doses but also use the variety of anabolics and androgenic steroids.
This method serves prevention and maintenance of a good lipid profile and preserves cardiovascular health.
The other concept is the modification of cycling AAS, depending on the particular time period, in combination with diet and training.
So estrogenic highly aromatised AAS are preferably used during off season, while non estrogenic and potent androgens are used during cutting phase.
Bodybuilders are practical people; meaning, they are more concerned for musculoskeletal injuries, which will immerse them from training, rather than their internal organs health, which reflect on laboratory tests.
They hope and believe that, they will get improved soon after their retirement.


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