Broscience can be a step ahead of science in certain topics when bodybuilders walk the walk from experience and personal perspective.

Growth hormone (GH) was known to be used for dwarfs and children with delayed development.

Nevertheless, it was not known in the medical community that GH can enhance fat burning and prevent cachexia, something that was later discovered among AIDS patients.

Moreover, clenbuterol HCL, a beta-2 agonist that is technically used for asthma in children, is also known to enhance fat loss as well.

This is widely reported among bodybuilders.

Broscience is like doping, which is literally a step further than anti-doping methods.

Science needs evidence that requires long-term studies to be authorized. Instead, broscience is based in anecdotes.

However, we shouldn’t mislead that science is living in the Dark Ages.

Science is “sluggish” and kind of conservative to new discoveries.

The new generation of peptides that treat a vast variety of diseases (TB-500, BPC-157, MK-677) still hasn’t been approved by the U.S.A.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yet they are widely used among millions of fitness enthusiasts.


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