stereoidQuite often competitive bodybuilders keep asking me, why they feel so exhausted during the cutting phase.
The answer is multifaceted and not simple and I explain it below:

  1. the muscle strain resulting to rhabdomyolysis effect is great.

The muscle fibers break and myoglobin is released into the blood, while the muscles get inflamed.
The creatine kinase (CPK) enzyme is increased at five times the levels of the normal limits (> 1000).

  1. the calories consumed are low – as well as the carbohydrates – something that does not leave us much room for energy.

The protein is not an immediate source of energy and neither are fats in a ketogenic diet.

  1. the anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol is suppressed, since its concentration is inversely proportional to the AAS (especially the highly anabolic trenbolone), as with the b2 – stimulators (clenbuterol hydrochloride).

Low cortisol along with overwork leads to  supressed immune response, leading  to a significant  reduction of white blood cells (WBC’s).
Therefore, the athlete often exhibits low grade fever and muscle aches.

  1. estrogens are suppressed, linked to several different adverse effects.

– Moodiness (beta estradiol is linked to  serotonin – the hormone of joy).
– Poor libido, since both sexes need both kinds of steroid hormones for good libido.
– Low levels of  IGF1, since insulin that  promotes the release of somatomedin C  is suppressed.

  1. the intake of dietary cholesterol is low, thus the biosynthesis of endogenous testosterone and DHEA remains low.

Therefore, different parameters contribute  to this clinical phenomenon, no matter that kind of supplements the athletes use.

  1. When estrogens are low there is poor water retention (edema), leadind to inadequate muscle glycogen synthesis.

This obviously costs in lesser strength and stamina for anaerobic physical activity (explosive resistance exercise).
As a solution I propose:
The increase of complex carbohydrates in the form of carb cycling, the increase of the anti-catabolic supplements (HMB, Bcaa’s, glutamine), the increase of the MCT’s as an alternative energy source, the abstain from any physical activity for 48 hours and massages to remove any accumulated lactic acid.
But also the disscontinuation  of the potent aromatase inhibitors for a couple of days, or their temporary replacement by SERM’s and mesterolone to avoid aromatization.
Conclusively, a common occurrence that can be interpreted simplified as a result of hard dieting has its deeper etiology in the principles of pathophysiology.


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