Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a female hormone released from placenta, during the first weeks of pregnancy. 
In males, it is proven to act as LH mimicker (LHRH).
LH in turn will boost endogenous testosterone production. 
Beta hCG is a peptide and peptides don’t aromatise from chemical point of view. 
Its the natural testosterone production that will eventually convert to estrogen and give the impression of water retention, or gynecomastia.
βHCG is a classic compound of PCT protocol, that bodybuilders use in order to restore their HPTA.
In medicine HCG is used in cryptorchidism before puberty, in order to facilitate the undescended testis to descend through the inguinal canal into the scrotal sac.
HCG will ensure that scrotum will be filled up with testicles.
HCG also improves fertility and seminal fluid production. 
Spermatozoa increase in number and improve in motility. 
HCG is also capable of improving steroidogenesis.
In other words, the hormonal pathway for DHEA, pregnenolone and progesterone production.
It’s a valuable component of men’s HRT.


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