Q: Why some people look older and other younger, even though they have same age?

A: Biological age and chronological age are two different dimensions.
Age is just a number and ageing is a disease.
The way we live determines in a major way how we are going to age throughout the years.
Ageing depends in a variety of factors such as: hormonal decline, oxidative stress, lifestyle habits.
Each of us carries a genetic profile from his parents, known as genetics.
The expression of DNA partially depends upon lifestyle.
In other words, good genes can be ruined and not expressed under bad life style (smoking, alcohol, narcotics, Trans fat, refined carbs, lack of physical activity, stress, and insomnia).
The way we live is also referred as epigenetics.
Hormonal replacement therapy is the basis of age management and we age because our hormones decline.
Optimization and balance of our hormones provide physical and mental health, happiness and bring vitality.
Stress management and healthy diet along with proper supplementation are key factors that can reverse ageing.


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