bubbleΤhe so called bubble gut phenomenon appears quite commonly to IFBB pro competitors.
In other words, stomach and abdominal cavity appear to protrude, giving a “pregnant look” in men.
There are various different reasons, contributing to this.

  • First of all IGF1 (Somatomedin) abuse either from high doses of GH, or directly as injected insulin growth factor, stimulates tissue growth.
    This eventually in long term abuse will lead to organomegaly in all visceral organs.
  • Second, the insulin’s use is responsible for omental fat accumulation, known as splachnic fat as well.
    Both insulin and somatomedin have same metabolic action, therefore hypoglycemia and lipogenesis.
  • Third, insulin is also responsible for edema, through sodium retention.
    Insulin makes body to look full and bloated if it’s not used appropriate.

    You can mess a dry physique right after the glycogen depletion phase, in case carb loading with insulin is abused.
  • Fourth, AAS pills are known to disrupt small intestine’s microbes and flora.
    Even though HGH/IGF1 are not used, some athletes develop gut bloating, as a result of 17 alkylated pills abuse.
  • Fifth, multi joint exercises that increase abdominal pressure in pelvic cavity (squats, lunges, leg press), disrupt transverse abdominis muscle.
    This is a muscle layer covering the abdominal cavity, underneath internal oblique muscles.

    In this case, abdominal wall is uncontrolled and protrudes during breathing.
  • Sixth, we are aware that bodybuilders consume large amount of food, several times during the day.
    This will eventually lead to a larger stomach, as an adaptory mechanism. Of course the GH/IGF abuse will also contribute on that.
  • Seventh, the lack of dietary fiber and large amounts of animal protein, will lead to gas and bloating.

Undigested meat can be found within large intestine, under the absence of fiber.


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