Since high school I was infatuated by the thought athletes get doped; nevertheless, I could not understand why they use drugs. Later I realized that doping is nothing more than a pharmaceutical medication under abuse. 

This field started to obsess me since my early years in medical school. Soon after my graduation the experimental process started at the time I was a GP in the country 

By winning my first show, I realized that one day I wanted to become the doctor of the bodybuilding community. Later during my residency, I managed to match the hard earned experience (bro science) with the scientific data and became a writer/author in fitness 

My alter ego and mentor lives in Parma, Italy, Massimo Spattini MD. Close friend with the notorious football player Fabio Canavaro, he became Mr. Italy in heavy weights and today he’s  among the world’s experts  in anti-ageing, HRT and fitness. 

It’s quite rare and paradox to find a medical doctor who has a history in bodybuilding, because the PEDs use seems controversial and unorthodox.

In USA Dry Thomas O Connor MD was into powerlifting and now he is known as the Anabolic doc, dealing with AAS harm reduction and TRT under ASIH. We also have Dr. Rand Mc Clain who also practices in the same field in USA.

In Greece there was  Stavros Chatzos MD, a sport medicine doctor who focused mainly in anti-doping for  Olympic sports mainly, and  not  bodybuilding in particular. He was the one who claimed that everyone is doped and not exclusively those who get busted. His thoughts were based in the randomized controls that occur during the off season. He supported the fact, that everyone can beat the anti-doping test, simply by knowing the half-life of the particular substance that is used. When we met he signed me his book and said that he wanted me to continue his vision. The point is I couldn’t do that for one reason: I was a drug addict as bodybuilder and I still use testosterone as a replacement therapy. Moreover I preach HRT, meaning the use of various hormones as part of age management and overall well being.

I am practicing AAS harm reduction, meaning the safer use of gear and I just can’t play the crusader, its going to be quite hypocritical. Instead I focus in preventive and safety rules for those who are willing to undergo this pathway. It’s way more honest and realistic rather than demonizing and pointing the finger against those adults who are determined to do this. 

This is my response to my accusers who call me Dr. Dope, as my main goal isn’t doping and chemical enhancement itself, but how to avoid the plethora of potential side effects. 

Sort of having the regular service in your car, rather that facing the upcoming issues when it’s already too late.

In medicine we say that prevention is better than treatment, while the early and accurate diagnosis brings a better prognosis and cure. Dr. Hulk was a cult figure of Marvel comics who transformed from a laboratory scientist in a white coat in the morning, into a muscular monster at night by drinking his juice. 

Since the Cold War era science and athleticism were tightly bonded. Athletes need scientists to perform better, become bigger, faster and stronger. Since the ancient Olympic Games the Greek competitors ate bull’s testicles to gain strength and improve stamina. 

At work I have already consulted a wide variety of athletes: track athletics, cycling, soccer, cross fit, wrestling, weight lifting, bodybuilding, basketball, swimming and water polo. I was fortunate to meet the two greatest coaches this country ever had and the privilege to meet in USA the world’s finest chemist in fitness industry. 

After I’m gone I want from people to remember me as a man who had a vision to make sports a safer game under the supervision of physicians.

The introduction of labs and blood work is essential and lifesaving to those who use illegal substances for their own personal reasons. Blessed those physicians who served sports under their own perspective; especially the ones who supported the belief that doping is a matter of choise, but as a doctor you are obligated and must help-not criticize instead.

Because it’s really oxymoron for any doctor to point the finger, demonize and criticize about PEDs use, while he is the worst example of what health is about. Sadly, the medical society is clueless regarding sports culture and the whole project sounds repulsive to them.

Social doping is a fact and as a potential public health issue it should concern every doctor who is willing to help. If they’re ignorant, they better start educating themselves and lighten up; otherwise they better back off and let the ones who know their lesson to do their job. 

Mostly the open minded ones, who think outside the box without prejudice and suspicion

Everybody is chemically enhanced today on a daily basis with caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines, benzos, Viagra and marijuana. Why someone who wants to look better, or perform better in the gym, even in bed is called as a cheater?

It’s about time to face the reality and real facts. 


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