Veganism is a wave in modern society; yet it’s more than a philosophy, a way of living.

Vegan diet has few medical implementations in metabolic cases, such as:

Elevated urea, elevated creatinine, elevated uric acid, elevated triglycerides and elevated cholesterol.

However as with every kind of dietary restriction, veganism will lead to deprivation and nutritional imbalances of certain macronutrients, such as: hemic iron, cobalamin, creatine, essential amino acids, calciferol, cholesterol.

As a result of this, the lack of iron (coming from animal products-bioavailable), will lead to fatigue due to iron deficiency anemia.

The lack of B12 vitamin will lead to megaloblastic anemia and elevated homocysteine (a toxic compound for endothelium).

The lack of cholesterol will impair steroidogenesis and biosynthesis of androgens, estrogens, corticosteroids and calciferol.

The lack of calciferol is based on: a) low cholesterol (vitamin D3 is a steroid prohormone molecule), b) absence of fatty fish and cheese, than contain plenty of D3,

c) deficiency of cholesterol that is the substrate for D3 synthesis.

The lack of creatine will lead to low ATP/CP levels and lack of energy levels for anaerobic activities.

The lack of EAAs and BCAAs (leucine in particular) will dramatically lower mTOR and muscle growth.

As a result of this wasting and cachexia will shrink muscles, the main pool of immunity and immunoglobulins (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM). 

The impaired steroidogenesis will cost in lower sex drive in both men and women and hypogonadism.

Nevertheless, the liver can still synthesize intrahepatic cholesterol, but frankly you can’t rely on that for the overall biochemical processes that take place.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said: ”Make your food to become your medication”.

Same applies for other forms of trendy diets and nutritional habits, which for instance lower dramatically the carbs and increase saturated fatty acids (SFAs).

There has to be a balance and humans are omvivores, simply because they have canine teeth.


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