Most doctors (urologists/endocrinologists) are not willing to help men who face andropause.
They prefer not to treat with testosterone under hypogonadic levels.
Instead, they prescribe 5PDE inhibitors that only increase the blood flow in cavernous bodies and treat erectile dysfunction in penis.
However the sexual desire and libido is purely a matter of testosterone.
The main androgen is a cerebral hormone that affects behavior.
Sex drive is an instinct dealing with limbic system (hypocampus, amygdala).
Nevertheless, testosterone is more than having intercourse, or lifting weights.
It plays major role in metabolic diseases, like obesity, diabetes II, metabolic syndrome.
By improving body composition (building skeletal muscle, oxidizing adipose tissue),it improves insulin sensitivity and reverses Diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM II) and minimizing Metabolic Syndrome (MS).
But also improves quality of living by reversing wasting (cachexia), anemia (EPO kick) and osteopenia (BMD).
In this way it provides stamina, endurance, neuromuscular conjunction and proper posture.
Testosterone fights depression by its reduction to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a major anti-depressive androgen.
Castrated men under prostate cancer, lack of self-esteem and cognitive function; they face the so called foggy mind.
Testosterone optimizes neurotransmitters serotonin (the joy hormone) and dopamine (feeling of rearward).
It’s inevitable for a man to live without testosterone, under hypogonadal status.
For those who fear of the potential side effects out of its use, mind that staying under low testosterone faces a plethora of issues, way more critical than the alleged sides of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).
The skepticism of medical community is based on the abuse of testosterone from bodybuilders.
They consider it as another harmful anabolic.
However fact is that testosterone is a familiar hormone, non-toxic to the liver or the lipids, unlike the majority of steroids.
Testosterone under optimization provides physical and mental health to the adult male, who faces the middle aged crisis and seeks for a second puberty.
The discrimination between replacing and abuse is what determines the benefits vs the side effects and stigma.


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