Methyltrienolone (M3) is perhaps the most hepatotoxic oral, among the 17 alkylated AAS.
It was initially medically used against advanced breast cancer, as an alternative treatment to the rise of estrogens.
It has a similarity to trenbolone, with an enormous androgenic/anabolic ratio.
Its effectiveness is so high, that it requires minimum doses of 0,5-1mg.
M3 does not convert to estrogen; therefore there is no aromatization process.
As a result, methyltrienolone is an ideal steroid during pre contest preparation and sports dealing with weight categories (wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, and bodybuilding).
The extreme liver toxicity involves pharmaceutical hepatitis, where liver transaminases are elevated (>100) and cholestasis, where serum elevations of cholestatic markers such as ALP, γGT, bilirubin-direct/indirect, are present.
Methyltrienolone also distorts the atheromatic index (HDL/LDL) and liver lipoproteins ratio, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and myocardial infarction.


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