As far as I remember myself as a bodybuilder, there were certain things that occupied my ethical code in life: Religion, family, friendship, honesty, diligence. 

I was a religious young man from school, while my grandmother and mother taught me about Christianity. 

My faith helped me in times of struggle, even under bodybuilding preparations. 

My spirit was not always strong and felt like I was breaking down, when physical and mental pain seemed unbearable. 

My family supported me financially under my early days to follow my passion; even though deep inside they had visualized me as a physician in first place. 

My parents were old school conservative physicians who preferred me in a white coat, instead wearing a trunk on stage. 

There were times on disbelieving in my potential; nevertheless my passion was so strong that I was not distracted. 

Friendship was a powerful force, sort of an ally. 

Even though people tend to reach out to you when you’re powerful and famous. 

During my course in the iron sport, many friends screwed up, that later admitted their mistake and hopefully apologized.

Speaking of honesty, it was something that in first place shocked those who were annoyed by my transparency. 

However later my sincerity was admired as a sign of truth and trust. 

As a student at school and in university, I have to admit I wasn’t the brightest. 

On the other hand I was a hard worker and a diligent person who wanted to shorten this handicap by discipline work. 

I succeeded, because I failed and I never gave up; perseverance was the key. 

I was bullied in school, in university, in residency, in my practice. 

But I’m still standing and move on. 

To be a bodybuilder, means you are an extraordinary individual in society, belonging to a minority of 1%. 

It takes mental skills to thrive.

The body achieves what the mind conceives. 

These are my principles in life that anyone who wants to follow the route of success has to implement. 


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