Stem cells are embryonic cells that proliferate into various different cells and tissues.
They are the premature cells that later will form different organs.
Stem cells play significant role in locomotory system, throughout recovery and rehabilitation.

They can assist in tissue repair of either connective tissue: tendons, ligaments, articular surfaces;
But also to repair damaged muscle, partial tears in muscle bellies.
Stem cells are originally plenty in fetuses, through which are able to grow and develop.
Therefore their application in old individuals with sarcopenia will be quite promising to fight wasting.
Recently in professional bodybuilding we had the case of Flex Lewis from UK, who had to withdraw from this year’s Olympia preparation.
The reason was serious injuries that put his carrier into significant risk.
Its speculated that the British 7x times 212 Olympia champion, undergo stem cell therapy.
He was injected intra articular shots of stem cells in shoulders, elbows and knees.
The high cost of these therapies is prohibited for the average athlete.


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