Q: I’ve been struggling with yo-yo weight gain and loss
What is the most effective way to lose weight for good?

A: First of all when we refer to weight loss, we must focus purely in adipose tissue.
Preserving lean body mass, aka skeletal muscle is an obligation; otherwise our BMR drops
Besides it’s the muscle tissue that tones and shapes the body.
Now as bio-pathologist, I’ll ask for an extensive blood work in order to assess your hormones.
So a full thyroid panel (TSH, FT3, FT4, ANTI TPO, ANTI TG). Thyroid gland is the master regulator in BMR.
If you’re a man in his forties, i would also add HPTA panel as well (LH, TT, FT, E2, PRL, SHBG, DHEAS).
Hypogonadism is linked to visceral fat and muscle wasting.
Moreover, A1C can reveal insulin resistance and pre diabetes type II.
This will impact on your appetite and cravings.
Furthermore, checking out biochemical values such as iron, folate, cobalamin and Calciferol can explain level of fatigue; along with CBC as well
Finally checking out the stress hormone, cortisol can explain your insomnia and belly fat storage.
Regarding to the diet plan I’d suggest you to eat double your body weight -in kilos, to be in lean animal protein.
For instance 220lb/100kg require at least 200gr; then drop the carbs and switch to complex.
Skip all simple hyperglycemic.
Finally add only EFAs and tons of fiber.
Salad brings satiety but also makes bowel to spend massive energy for digestion.
The so called negative calories. Mind that meal frequency kicks BMR.
But also minimizes insulin spikes.
I’m against IF/ KD. Prefer five solid meals every three hours and 100gr of starchy carbs daily.
Keto isn’t cool for athletic people, makes brain to be sluggish and tanks FT/ IGF1.
You don’t have to rush and focus for 0.5kg fat loss per week. This practically equals to +4000 calories.
If you speed up your fat loss, this might jeopardize your muscles.
Mostly we care about how we look in the mirror and our midsection in pants.
Body composition in two words.
Scale tells half of the truth actually.
Dropping in scale is also a matter of glycogen, sodium and fluid retention, stools.
That’s why we need to check out weight under same circumstances.
First thing in the morning, while   fasted and after using restroom.
Now in regards to training, you need half an hour of empty stomach low pace cardio
preferably after a black coffee.
Plus another 30/45’ of HIT with weights.
In case you can’t have the am cardio.
Do a HIT course right after your weight workout.
Remember that weight loss is ensured when exercise is joined with diet.
Cause diet usually costs in muscle tissue.
Plus the drop in calories costs in BMR.
So exercise will maintain lean body mass.
But also kick BMR mostly throughout lifting and HIT cardio.
Good luck!


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