Q: I’ve heard that bodybuilders suffer from the so called bigorexia; what’s that, Doc?

A: Basically it’s body image discomfort; in other words, wrong perception of body composition.
Bigorexia technically is the reverse anorexia nervosa.
Meaning the obsession of runaway models in fashion industry about their size and weight in particular.
All these psychiatric cases belong to body dysmorphia issues.
So bodybuilders feel kind of small in size and sort of insecure about how big they really are.
While their enormous muscularity isn’t enough for their ambitions.
From one point of view this is a mindset that can lead to progress and has perspective.
Getting bigger and focus in anabolic processing.
However, in reality standards it’s misconception about the way you look.
It’s all in the mind.
The flip side of this coin deals with skinny boys and girls who are literally terrified to gain few pounds of weight.
This phobia of getting fatter.
Another type of body dysmorphia is when people are avoiding to laugh and smile because they wrongly believe their cheeks or nose is unattractive.
Therefore they’re trapped inside their own wrong thoughts.
I was myself a unique example of anorexia nervosa in high school and bigorexia later in my life; both dealing with low self-confidence and lack of self-esteem.
Bodybuilders are insecure individuals who are paranoid about their body image.
They surely are alpha males; but the price of their vanity is pretty high


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