Several professionals of which the competitions I grew up with passed away the last couple of years, most of betrayed by their hearts.
Doping abuse takes quite some time in order to establish irreversible health consequences.
Famous IFBB pro’s who died (2011-2017), are the following:
1) Matt Duval (USA)
2) Art Artwood (CAN)
3) Ed Van Amsterdam (HOL)
4) Nasser El Sonbaty (EGY)
5) Greg Kovac (CAN)
6) Mike Matarazzo (USA)
7) Daniele Seccarecci (ITA)
8) Baito Abbaspour (IRN)
9) Dallas McCarver (USA)
10) Rich Piana (USA)

Also the Americans Don Long and Tom Prince, suffered acute renal failure and had to undergo kidney dialysis, for life.
One of the greatest  talents, the promising American Dennis Newman developed  leukemia-fortunately healed, shortly after winning his  IFBB Pro card in 1994 (NPC overall winner).
We shouldn’t neglect the very first victim, Arab Mohammed Benaziza (Momo-Giand Killer).
He tragically died of diuretics abuse (spironolactone) and severe dehydration at the Dutch grand prix in 1993.
Three years later, the Austrian Andreas Muntzer at age of 31 in 1996.
It was just three weeks after his last participation in Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.
He was admitted to hospital with intense stomach pains.
During surgery, an extensive hepatic tumor was revealed, while undissolved pills were found in his stomach.
Autopsy revealed atrophic adrenals, atrophic testicles and heart enlargement, twice as much the normal weight.
Muntzer was speculated to have abused a cortisol blocker (aminoglutethimide), leading to severe secondary Addison’s disease and insufficiency.
His cardiomegaly was the result of somatropin abuse, while his testicular atrophy was a common side effect of steroid abuse, without the use of HCG.
Of course there are other professionals who died later in life, such as the legendary Mike Mentzer betrayed by his heart in 2001 at his 50th birthday.
Moreover, the mythical Sergio Oliva   and legendary Serge Nubre the same age, of 70 years.
Nubre was hospitalised for almost a month, until he passed away in coma.
Mr. Universe and Mr. America, Steve Reeves from Non- Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2000 at 74.
The iconic South African, Reg Park from malignant melanoma in 2007, at 79 years old.
Last but not least, the first Mr. Olympia in history, Larry Scott at the age of 75.
It is an indisputable fact, that competitive bodybuilding deals with a minority of few genetically gifted (physically and mentally) individuals.
However, for every dream in life, there is a price to pay for.
Unfortunately, quite many are willing to sacrifice their lives, even for the sake of their vanity and glory.
Options that for others seem shallow and careless, especially for those who live with disabilities or chronic diseases.
It seems unfair to be born with an organic failure.
But it seems quite idiotic, end up with organic failure, as a result of your poor choices.
Nature is smarter than people think; if you don’t show respect to your health, you will regret it somehow someday.


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