Q: Doc, did you ever expect when you started your academic career in university, that one day you’ll become a doctor of bodybuilding?
A: My medical career was based on my athletic career in bodybuilding. I owe everything to bodybuilding.
I first started lifting in high school. Later while taking pre-medical courses and during medical school, when finals were through, my passion for lifting and muscles oriented me toward the human anatomy.
I was a teacher assistant in the third year. 
Myology in particular was my favorite subject: how muscles are coordinated and flex, the kinesiology and human kinetics and the biomechanics of joints. 
Besides, a bodybuilder represents the ideal anatomical specimen.
Practicing in orthopaedics was my first option.
Later, however, I realized that surgery wasn’t what I really wanted. Instead, the field of pathology and lab work was the ideal field in order to be matched with steroid users.
During my residency, I started writing my first Greek book. 
It was the implementation of experience as a champion into theory from the medical field. 
This unique and killing combination was rare to find indeed.
I have to admit I faced quite many obstacles.
Struggles were many, but my mind was my strongest muscle.
Bodybuilding taught me about persevering and never giving up – to stand up after falls, and rise up again. 
Through bodybuilding, I learned how to become disciplined and a hard worker – to set goals and follow your dreams.
Frankly, I would not be Dr. Testosterone today (thanks to Steve Blechman) if there was no bodybuilding career. 
Steroids have been my dark side in the past, but throughout this I managed to climb up the ladder of success.
In life we must evolve, and this is a way of evolution – to break our comfort zone and face new challenges. 
I am very happy and satisfied with the way my life has turned out, because I decided 10 years ago to make history in what I loved.
Frankly, I couldn’t become something different.
I feel blessed that I do what I love and I love what I do (as my friend Rick Collins says).
Dreams come true for those who believe them.
You got to work hard and earn them. 
Nothing is easy and nothing is free in this life. 
I thank you all because everyone contributed to what I am today.
As Arnold says, there’s no self-made man. 


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