sarms2SARMs are a new class of anabolic agents.
They are considered are supplements with anabolic properties, banned from WADA/USADA and IOC. Their chemical structure is not of a steroidal molecule, as with AAS.
As their name implies, they have selective role in androgenic receptors.
Meaning they don’t harm certain tissues with androgenic receptors, such as prostate, scalp, skin. However, they are supposed to bind the androgens receptor and have potent anabolic effect. Therefore, their act as strong anabolics with minimal androgenic side effects.
Among them, ostarine is the most popular (MK 2866).
Other SARMs include Andrarine, Ligandrol, Enobiosarm, RAD 140 and YK 11.
From my personal experience, that involves reports of my patients, the conclusion was that these substances are not as innocent and harmless, as some speculate.
There are specific deviations in laboratory results, showing that SARMs are hepatotoxic, HPTA suppressive and atherogenic
Transaminemia (AST, ALT >100) reveals their hepatotoxicity.
LH, TT, FT suppression shows that they lower endogenous testosterone production.
While HDL drop means they can lead in the long term to cardiovascular disease. In reality, there are quite familiar findings with 17 alkylated orals.
Therefore, I am quite skeptical and suspicious, regarding how legit they are.
Moreover, Andrarine is reported to cause visual disturbances, such as blurred vision.
Probably due to retina’s distrurbances, or cornea’s.
Considering these facts, SARMs are suggested not to be used more than a two months period, while tapering of their dosage ensures the HPTA suppressive effects are minimal.


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