the_importantNew studies come to reinforce the idea that, regular physical activity is particularly a powerful preventive and therapeutic measure, for the treatment of heart and vascular events.
The fact   that exercise and proper diet are the best preventing methods, is something well known from the ancient time of Hippocrates.
Studies have shown that physical condition and cardiorespiratory capacity, was increased by 10%, under regular aerobic exercise in 12weeks.
However, for those patients who were using statins at the dose of 40mg, the increase was just 1.5%.
Muscle biopsy revealed at cellular level, that mitochondria’s metabolism (powerhouses responsible for energy production) in muscle cells, was increased by 13% for those who trained, while those who exercised but used statins too decreased by 4.5%.
Statins are responsible for lowering dramatically Q10 levels in myocardium.
Also a recent study published in JAMA, concluded that musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, injuries, and musculoskeletal pains are more frequent in statin users, especially when they are physically active.
Studies have shown that statins significantly increase muscle injury in the exercise, as well as reduce the exercise capacity in animals.
Rhabdomyolysis effect is a common biochemical symptom (CPK>1000).
The even more impressive is that those who did exercise (walking or cycling) and were not under statins’ use, had a 50% lower mortality than those who were taking statins but not exercised.
Large doses of statins, given under prolonged timing, increase the risk for insulin resistance.
Moreover, transaminemia is frequently observed (ALT/SGPT, AST/SGOT).
Statins have really proven their value is in patients with coronary heart disease and particularly after acute myocardial infarction, due to the anti-inflammatory action in the vessels.
However, they should not be used as drugs just to lower serum cholesterol levels and treat dislipidemia.
They are obligatory only under established coronary heart disease.


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