Q: People believe training on an empty stomach will kick GH and make you bigger.
Is this true?

A: Actually it’s wrong perception.
What GH does in first place is breaking down adipose tissue; oxidizing fat cells.
This occurs under low fed state, when insulin is low and glucagon is high; the hormonal environment for somatropin release.
So growth hormone burns fat.
Muscle growth comes out of the peptide released by the liver, known as insulin like growth factor.
IGF1 is secreted under two conditions.

-First after exogenous administration of GH.

-Second after a meal high in calories and carbs, that will kick pancreas for insulin release.
Insulin and IGF1 are tied in terms of secretion.
This is how food becomes anabolic.
Therefore in order to grow you need either a higher amount of somatotropin to be injected, that will spike IGF1 from the liver.
Otherwise a caloric surplus that will trigger the two anabolic hormones: insulin and IGF1.
So training on an empty stomach will ensure catabolism of adipocytes, because lipotropic GH is high, while lipogenetic insulin is low.
Since insulin is low, then IGF1 will be low too.
Hence anabolic drive as well.


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