Bodybuilding teaches you how to control your mind and set goals through your body.

To become disciplined and avoid weaknesses.

Not to give up throughout tough times of struggles.

Be a fighter in every aspect of your life.

By learning what to eat and what is forbidden, your character is reinforced.

This is why bodybuilders are a fraction of people in a society.

They have this military style schedule that few can follow on a regular basis.

Of course, this attracts the administration. 

However, envy and jealousy is even greater. 

Consistency is the key for success, and this requires lots of mental power with determination. This investment eventually pays off and it’s the greater satisfaction in a world of looks. 

Nowadays, people spend millions trying to improve their self-esteem, through cosmetic surgeries, or even magic creams, promising pills and skyrocket science diets.

Nevertheless, nothing substitutes the hard work to basics that bodybuilders follow, day in and day out, all year around. This is how alpha males are made.

I’m feeling blessed that I’m following this way of living since my youth.

Frankly, I’ve never regretted this route I’ve chosen to follow.

Because after my workouts I’m so stress relieved, while during my workouts the feeling of pumping is extraordinary that makes you look so special among others.

Arnold taught us that bodybuilding can become the tool to accomplish all your goals.

As for myself, I started lifting in high school and continued during medical school.

While after my academic career, my athletic career began.

Using this legacy afterwards, writing books and practicing medicine made me so special among others.

As Arnold said, the last thing I wanted in life was to be the same as others. I was born a bodybuilder and I’ll die a bodybuilder. 


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